Faithfulness - What is it?


In Galatians 5:22-25, Paul's use of the word "faith" is referring to good faith in dealing with men and a due regard to their just claims. It is trustworthiness, fidelity, honesty, dependability. Paul, is no doubt referring to faithfulness, that is our faithful living out our trust in God over the long haul.

God challenges people to develop faithfulness in their lives.  Steadfast loyalty and unwavering trust are considered essential virtues for personal and spiritual growth. Every believer is called to faithfulness to God, to self and to others. The Christian is challenged to maintain steadfast trust in God, amidst trials and suffering. Faithfulness to self results from faith in God and precedes faithfulness to others. Dependability and commitment to others is an essential expression of faithfulness in love and service. However, this Christian grace of faithfulness certainly needs to and can be cultivated to bring forth fruit of faithful living.

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