Meekness - A Fruit of the Spirit


Meekness never implies weakness. In contrast to weakness, meekness is controlled strength; it is an attitude of heart in which all energies are brought into the perfect control of the Holy Spirit. The meek person has sufficient strength of character to be mild, gentle, and kind under pressure. Meekness comes from a higher than human power; it comes from the Holy Spirit. The meek inherit the earth, not by conquering in this present dispensation but by achieving ultimate victory during the final manifestation of the Kingdom.

Meekness is a Christian grace reflecting the character of Christ himself. It is one of the most difficult of the Fruit of the Spirit to translate adequately by an English word. It conveys at least the sense of humility toward oneself before God and considerateness toward others. It is to this fruit that Paul will appeal in Galatians 6:1, when he urges those who walk by the Spirit to restore a brother or sister over-taken in a fault. We need to do so in the “spirit of gentleness” both because the life of the other person is at stake, and because we thereby remember our own frailties and susceptibility to temptation. Meekness in the list of the “Fruit of the Spirit” stands as the exact antonym to the work of the flesh translated “selfish ambition.” It is that Fruit of the Spirit at work in those who do not think too highly of themselves, but who “in humility consider others better than themselves” (Philippians 2:3), in the sense that their needs and concerns are to be looked after before one’s own.

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