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St. Matthew's Church Bible Studies

Ten Wonderful Rules for Reading the Bible!

Do you often wish you could get more out of reading your Bible? If you do, we want to give you ten rules for reading the Bible which our members find most helpful.

1. Get a good Bible. Why put limitations on the most important Book in your life, the most important thing in the world! Get a Bible with type you can read without straining. If your eyes are not what they used to be, get a Bible with extra large type.

2. Set aside each day either a definite amount of time or a definite time for reading the Bible - preferably in the morning. Consider that time a daily appointment with God and keep it faithfully.

3. Each day as you read, pray that God's Holy Spirit will help you understand what you read and apply the Truth to your own life.

4. Do not be disturbed if there are some passages which you do not understand. Be willing to dig for hidden treasure by reading the same passages over and over again.

5. Read expecting great news and great things. Read thoughtfully, not just to get the "story" which may be part of the Bible. As you read, ask yourself: "What is God's message for me today?" As you find that message, three more questions will help: "What does this passage teach me to believe? What does this passage teach me to become? What does this passage teach me to be?"

6. Read with imagination. Remember that through the Bible, God is speaking to you. The more you are willing to listen, the more you will hear what He says.

7. Read slowly and do not hurry. Try to picture the scene or the setting. Try to see the people of whom the Bible speaks as real, living people, as indeed they were!

8. If you can, keep a notebook record of what you have read and the impressions you received. Memorize helpful passages or copy key verses which seem to apply particularly to you.

9. Turn to the Bible each day no matter how you feel. It is not a shelf of medicines for just the emergencies in your life, but food for your daily needs, while it never fails in emergencies.

10. Each day as you finish reading, make a short prayer that the Spirit of God may lead you, a prayer of thanksgiving for increased strength, of wonder, of love, of praise, of gratitude and joy!

Falling in Love with the Author - A young lady once laid down a book she'd just finished, with the remark that it was the dullest story she had ever read. In the course of time she became engaged to a young man, and one night she said to him. "I have a book in my library whose author's name is precisely the same as yours. Isn't that a coincidence?" "I do not think so," he replied. "Why not?" she asked. "For the simple reason that I wrote the book," he answered. That night the young lady sat up until two o'clock reading the book again. This time, it seemed the most interesting story she'd ever read. The once-dull book was fascinating because she knew and loved the author.

Threats - An Irish boy, under threatening conditions, was commanded to burn his Bible. "I thank God that you cannot take away the twenty chapters that I know by heart" was his reply.

That's True - The Bible will keep you from sin, or sin will keep you from the Bible.

Just Where She Left It - A woman opened her Bible recently and found the deed to her family home for which she had been searching fruitlessly since 1937. It was just where she left it.

Words of Wisdom - Dwight L. Moody said of the Bible: Admit it to be God's Word. Submit to its truths. Commit much of it to memory. Transmit it to others.

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