For Maximum Benefit From The Bible

1. Approach with an open mind.

2. Read it expectantly. Ask God for guidance and believe He is giving it.

3. As you read, look for a sentence or passage that speaks to your mind and heart and make it part of your life.

4. Try reading a contemporary translation such as Today's English Version.

5. Begin with the Gospels, the Epistles, the Proverbs, or the Psalms and eventually branch out into other Scriptures.

6. Read the Bible intelligently. Find out who is speaking, where, to whom, and why.

7. Read it creatively, with your heart and imagination and look for its wise guidance.

8. Apply what you read to your everyday problems.

9. Give the Bible's wisdom an opportunity to revitalize your life.

The Prodigal God
A Story Of Two Brothers
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