How To Handle Change

Change Never Leaves Us As It Finds Us

As we journey through life, we face continual change and from time to time, we encounter sudden change which stops us in our tracks. Our personal map for living life which we had worked out so well is somehow no longer applicable. It doesn't fit our new and changed experience and we have to redraw it once again.

At the heart of all this tension, change and complexity of life, remain those fundamental questions, "What is life all about, where am I going, what does it all mean?" And the root of these questions takes us back to our first days of life when we were at the center of our tiny world, a time before we had been forced to adapt and adjust to the world and the people around us. That sense of total self-worth, self-value, is the most important treasure we possess. And in the changes, the kind of changes that we have looked at which people experience, we can learn to extend ourselves into an even more complete wholeness of being, unique, precious and of irreplaceable value. This is a wholeness not built on isolation or power but in the completion of the potential we had as a newly born person.

It is a paradox that we can only reach that full potential of ourselves through our interaction with others and through a willingness and an acceptance of change as part of life. Facing change can always help us to grow.

Yet, we fear change.  We are afraid of things never being the same, afraid of the unknown, afraid that change will demolish us. And so we avoid change as much as possible. We tend to refuse to face new changes in our lives and in our bodies because we want to cling to what is familiar, what is known. In one sense, we are like an unborn child still within the womb. Such a child is safe, warm, protected from the outside world. But such a child is also growing, developing, maturing. There comes a time when the womb can no longer contain the child or supply all that is needed for continued growth and development. Birth is imminent - a major life change, from all that is familiar, safe, tried and tested, into unknown territory with only our potential to bring with us.

Each of us have been through that major life change of birth into a totally new world. And every change we have negotiated since will have been a mini-birth in terms of new experience and growth. Only when we have resisted or refused change, have we stopped growing, stopped learning and begun to kill off our potential for life.

What is this life force, then, which pulls us on, often in spite of our resistance and reluctance? Why do we experience a restlessness and dissatisfaction with life even when we have ample material goods? Where does that powerful magnet we call love come from, the kind of love that makes us feel brand new again, full of life, enthusiastic and whole? Click here to read more about this life force.

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