History of St Matthew's Church


Ever since Bible days, the Gospel has been written and sent from door to door to spread the good news of Christ's Holy Gospel. This message never changes, only the methods in which it is delivered. Psalm 68:11: "The Lord gave the Word: great was the company of those that published it." Saint Matthews Churches is just one of the many publishers of Christ's message who are using modern methods. The vision of St. Matthews Church, founded in 1951, is to tell everyone in America about Jesus Christ.

Saint Matthews Churches plans to continue until we reach every home in America. One method St Matthews Churches uses to fulfill its mission is the sending of mail sermons, free of charge, door to door, in towns, cities and communities, nationwide in accordance with Nehemiah 8:15: "They should publish and proclaim in all their cities " Many people look forward to receiving these mail sermons; honest Christians would never think of accusing St Matthews Church or any other church of mail scams or mail fraud because they receive a mail sermon.

These Christian mail sermons (which do not constitute mail fraud or mail scams) teach that God answers prayer and they reach the homes of people of all different faiths. St Matthews Church does not know who lives in each home. They may be Christian, Jewish or Muslim, not believing in Jesus, possibly Atheist, hating all churches/clergy and wanting all churches closed down. Upon seeing the name of Jesus and the Bible, some falsely claim mail fraud or mail scam, writing distasteful letters in an attempt to hurt churches. St. Matthew's Church, who has never committed mail fraud or mail scams, recognizes this is part of evangelizing for our Lord. Mark 16:15 "And He said unto them, Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature."

As the mailings of St Matthews Church reach homes, there are many different reactions. There are those, not willing to believe, who respond with hatred, denial, threats, profanity and false accusations of mail fraud or mail scams. However, thirty-two percent of all new people write back and say: "Pray for me. I want to be saved." When St Matthews Churches receives a letter like this, all of the abuse, including the false allegations of mail fraud and mail scams, becomes worth it.

In the Holy Gospel, some seeds fell by the wayside, some fell upon stony places, some fell among thorns, but some fell upon good ground (Matthew 13:48). This is the calling of St Matthews Church.

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