Mary the Mother of God

The title "Mother of God", which is given to Mary, can cause some confusion. There is only one way to become a member of the human race and that is to be born of a woman. God who created us wanted to be right at the heart of his creation and so he wanted to become human too. God became man in the person of Jesus Christ and Mary was his mother.

In Jesus Christ, God became man. Jesus Christ is truly God and truly human. He is one mediator between God and ourselves. He brings heaven to earth and men and women to God. Mary, as the human mother of Jesus Christ, can be called the "God bearer."

During the first five centuries of the Church, there were many theories going around about how Jesus Christ was both God and Man. Some emphasized his divinity, others were more concerned with his humanity. Finally, the Council of Ephesus in 431 resolved the argument by declaring Jesus Christ as being truly God and truly Man. Consequently, the Council also stated that Mary was not only the Mother of Christ, but also the Mother of God. If we say that Mary is not the Mother of God, then Jesus Christ is not God and we are not saved. The title is, in fact, saying more about Jesus Christ than about Mary.

Mary, then, is truly the Mother of God if two conditions are fulfilled: that she is really the mother of Jesus and that Jesus is really God.

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