To Receive The Blessings of God


James Eugene Ewing and other Ministers encourage the use of Prayer Rugs

Are you aware that God wants to shower you with blessings? Our elder ministers, Donald R. Luce, M.R. McElrath and James Eugene Ewing want you to know that God's blessings can be yours. What do you need to do to receive these blessings? Through prayer, lay your needs before God.

Some people utilize a prayer rug and envision laying their needs on the prayer rug before God. Others, after receiving their prayer rug from the Church through its elder ministers James Ewing, M.R. McElrath and Donald R. Luce, kneel on prayer rugs or hold the prayer rugs on their knees while verbally sharing their concerns with God.

The Bible places importance on obedience as a condition of receiving blessings. The Church's elder ministers, M.R. McElrath, Donald R. Luce and James Ewing, have all used a prayer rug to remind them to obey God's Word. The prayer rug can be placed in a Bible or on your desk at work. Donald R. Luce, M.R. McElrath and James Eugene Ewing have personally received blessings as a result of being faithful in prayer and obedient to God. Whether you use a prayer rug or not, it is vital that you place your trust in God who desires to "meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus." (Phil. 4:19) Trust and obey!

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