Seed Faith - Our Life Force

Saint Matthew Churches encourage seed faith during the good and bad times in life

The starting point of our Christian faith is our own human experience. Events in our lives help us to plant seeds of faith in God. If you look back on your own life, you will probably recall not only those seed faith experiences that were successful and happy but also those seed faith experiences that were painful and stretched you to the limit.

St Matthew Church believes that looking back on such seed faith experiences forces us to look forward and to recognize that there seems no limit to the human spirit. Saint Matthew Churches has found this to be equally true of the life of the human race. It is through our Christian seed faith that every single person is touched by God. St Matthew Church believes that as we plant our seed faith in God, we trust that God can and will change our lives. With each instance of seeing God's intervention in our circumstances, our seed faith, like that of St Matthew Church, grows. These seed faith experiences draw us to a deeper sense of our self-value and the greatness of the work of God within us. At Saint Matthew Churches, we constantly experience the wonderful results of living a life of seed faith as we trust him to work in our lives.

The Prodigal God
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