The Prayer of Jesus

In the great prayer of Christ following the Last Supper, which is recounted in John's gospel, Jesus takes his followers to the heart of the meaning of his life and of his death which is to follow on the next day. In this prayer, Jesus shows us that prayer is at the center of his and of our relationship with God.

In this prayer, Jesus glorifies his Father and gathers up all who follow him into that prayer. He prays for those who have heard his words and believe in him. He prays that in their unity with him, they may discover a unity amongst themselves, so that all may be one, united in Christ and so united with his Father in heaven.

In this unity, they will share in the redeeming work of Christ and in the suffering which he is to undergo. But in sharing that suffering, they also share his glory. All who are faithful in unity with Christ will share the glory and joy of the resurrection. In all this they are to be faithful not only to the words of Christ but also to his way of the Cross, to his way of unconditional love for their fellow men and women. Christ prays for his followers and will continue to pray for them. He will protect them and he will consecrate them to himself through his prayer always.

Prayer then, unites us with Christ and with his Father so completely that the world will know that Christ was from God in our faithful reflection of his life and death.

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